Iki is about being alluring, especially being familiar with geisha entertainment.
It also means a posture or attitude that is perceived as alluring, or being
frank and straightforward in interacting with others while also being
considerate toward their feelings.

AERU : Integration x Harmony x Diversity and Inclusion
“Aeru” (和える) is a term used in cooking, meaning to mix different ingredients together to create a harmonious whole. When used in contexts other than cooking, the term means to create harmony between different things, whether between male and female, or between Japanese and foreign people. The character “Wa”(和)also means peace.

The process of Arimatsu Shibori-some consists of only two steps – tying fabric and dyeing. A piece of Arimatsu Shibori-some cloth is made by a harmonious combination of these two manual tasks. It is a mission of the Arimatsu Shibori-some community to explore new possibilities of this traditional craftwork brought by such harmonious combination, and to communicate its value widely to the world by facilitating the harmonious combination of traditional and modern techniques while maintaining the spirit of harmony inherent in the Japanese since ancient times, thereby ensuring that Arimatsu Shibori-some will continue to prosper for another 400 years to come.



絞る Shibori TIE


染める Some DYE

  • International Shibori
    Held annually since 1992
    brings awareness to
    the art of Shibori


  • *
  • Japanese designers such
    as Issey Miyake and
    Youji Yamamoto show
    the new potential and
    possibilities of Shibori


West meet East
Cultural Intersections
Japonism influences on Art Nouveau,
Arts & Craft movement
and other Western European Culture
繋がっていった。 日本はまさに西洋文化と東洋文化が混じり合うインターセクションの役割を果たし
Western European influences on
Japan include the import of
synthetic dyes and machinery and
propels Japan into the Industrial Age
“Neo Japonism”
Communicating the quality of “iki” of Arimatsu Shibori-some to the world
IKI: Alluring x Pride x Elegant
The Japanese word “iki” means having an alluring posture and attitude, or being frank and straightforward in interactions with others while being considerate toward their feelings. It is a mysterious and indefinable sense of “ultimate beauty” unique
to Japan, which lies midway among three different human characteristics – being alluring (sexual charm), being proud (confidence and mental strength), and being elegant (sophistication).

Arimatsu Shibori-some gained international acclaim in the Meiji period, winning
the bronze prize in the 1900 Paris World Exposition and the silver prize in the 1905 London World Exposition, and exerted a huge influence on the world’s greatest painters such as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Vincent Van Gogh, and Claude Monet, as well as on Art Nouveau, Art Deco and other art movements. As such, Arimatsu Shibori-some was lauded both in Japan and abroad and gained great popularity
for its craftsmanship and beauty.

At the beginning of the new Reiwa period in the 21st century, the Arimatsu Shibori-some community has renewed its commitment to communicating to the world the charm of “iki,” a Japanese aesthetic sense brought by the harmonious integration of the 400-year-old traditional Arimatsu Shibori-some technique and modern technique in a spirit of harmony, which has been valued by the Japanese since ancient times. In so doing, the community hopes that Arimatsu Shibori-some products, as works of neo-Japonism, will be appreciated by people around
the world and bring pleasure to their lives.

有松絞りの「粋」を世界へ伝える 〜ネオ・ジャポニズム〜





Invite you to "Neo - Japonism".
Everything is for next 400 years
of Arimatsu District.
Beyond the 400-year-old tradition of Arimatsu Shibori in Nagoya,
the diversity of Arimatsu Shibori has been recognized by intermingling modern techniques and styles, and its potential and value have been highly appreciated overseas for the past several years.

“Shibori ”(tie ) and “ Some ” (dye) these two handicrafts are combined with
a piece of cloth to convey Arimatsu's“ Iki” (neo-Japonism) ultimate beauty to the world. That is the mission of Arimatsu Shibori-some